"Gather" for making lessons more engaging
What is "gather town" and why we chose it?
Gather town is an application that allows to communicate online. Moreover each of the users has its own avatar that can move around and interact with other users just like in real life.

We have decided to implement it in our project because it makes the educational process much more lively. Each of the pupils will get access to the space we created on Gather and he/she will be able to walk around it and interact with teachers and objects. In particular there will be classrooms with whiteboards where weekly lessons will take place.

Below is a short video-tutorial about "Gather":
And now we can show you a few pictures from Kvanta space in Gather, i.e. space where our students will be taught and will interact with one another:
Students who join us will get a chance to properly experience it :) Note that only members of our club will have access to our space in gather town (and all the things listed above).