Our first "not-estimathon"
A maths team competition for students who are 13-15 year old. The winner will get a monetary prize!
Sep 5 | Sunday
09:45-13:00 UTC
Short description
We invite you to take part in this maths team competition where all the problems ask to find the biggest/smallest possible amount of something. However, unlike classic maths olympiads the correct answer might be unknown. What you should do is come up with a seemingly good construction. The closer the team is to the correct answer the more points it gets. The winner team will get 100 pounds (distributed equally between its members). These money will be sent to the team members in the form of Amazon gift cards.
Each team should consist of up to 3 students, each being 13, 14 or 15 years old. In the beginning of the competition each team will get a sheet with 8 problems. All of the problems have questions like "what is the biggest/smallest possible amount of ...?". At any point during the competition any team can raise their hand and present a construction for some answer to that question. If the construction is wrong, the team gets -1 point. If the construction is correct we will remember the answer this team has a construction for. After the competition is over we will see which teams has which answers for the problems. The best answers for each problem are worth 7 points, second best worth 5 points, third best worth 4 points, and so on... The team to get the biggest total amount of points wins.
Start joining
The day before the competition we will send everyone a link to our "space" in gather.town. This is the link the teams need to join the competition. Please note that each team will need to find their place in that "space". It will be easy, do not worry.
09:30 UTC time
Rules reminder
The rules are easy and are described above. But we will quickly remind them plus explain how will everything be organized during the competition. It will be quite easy.
09:45– 10:00
UTC time
The competition
Teams will have 2.5 for the problems. There is always probability of some technical issues appearing, so the end of the competition might be postponed if necessary.
10:00 – 12:30
UTC time
Presenting the results & short final talk
After the competition is over we will quickly summarize the results and check whether everything is fine. We will then show them to everyone and say a few words about Kvanta in the end.
12:45 – 13:00
UTC time
After you register a team, no need to wait for the email-confirmation. We will email everyone a day or two before the team competition with the link on how to join the event. All the information you need is above.