A few updates...
School-maths courses launched
More extra-maths courses
Plans for programming courses
The entire curriculum for "Mathematics for 11-16"
August 12, 2021

We are happy to tell you that we are launching school-maths courses for students around 11-16 year old. Moreover we have added a few extra-maths courses and now the curriculum for mathematics for student before high-school is complete.

It is so sad that school-curriculum somehow makes maths look useless, boring and useless again. One of our missions is to show that it is wrong. For example, many people would want to go into IT and maybe earn a lot of money... And a number of "mathematical things" can be done about making this journey much easier already when you are about 12. Why not do them?

Also, many people want to take part in mathematical olympiads as it is fun, it might give some benefits when applying to the universities/jobs and maybe most importantly the process of preparing for them makes you hardworking, intelligent and logical person. And we are happy to help with that as well. Moreover we have set up an environment where people rise much faster while being in friendly competition.

Many things are prepared from our side and we are happy to continue working. However, we need students to be diligent as the big contribution to success is the hard work. That is why we are available on Telegram after the lessons as well :)
We know that it is time of computers and that many people see themselves in computer science. Moreover, even if you decide to do physics, economics, mathematics, ... later on it is extremely likely you will still need to code.

Thus we are planning to launch programming courses of all sort. Our aim is to both teach from zero to hero and advanced people. If you might be interested in that please fill out the tiny form below.

For now however, we recommend you check the maths courses. Algorithmic thinking, a few concepts like "mathematical induction", "binary represenetation", ... are still mathematical and are incredibly important for good programmers. If you just finished primary school, we recommend you have a look at junior-level school maths courses and extra-maths course EM-0: "Extra-maths try-out" and EM-1: "EM-1: "Constructions, proofs and a few nice ideas". If you already know all this stuff and maybe have little experience programming, check out the extra-maths course EM-4: "Extra-maths helps to become a great programmer. And not only..."