Mathematical courses

We focus on 11-16 year old pupils, though everyone with the appropriate mathematical background is welcome. There is no particular knowledge requirement to join our initial courses, but we expect pupils to be diligent! Everything happens online and is free of charge for now. There are two types of courses we provide:

Sup-maths courses
These are supplementary maths courses, i.e. their content goes beyond the school curriculum. If you want to improve logical thinking or prepare for some olympiads then these courses are for you. Also these courses happen to train skills that many IT/finance/trading/... companies find important. Finally you will see that maths is not just a bunch of boring formulas.
School-maths courses
The content of these courses is closely related to the school curriculum. We will not only go through the main definitions and theorems, but also explain the nature behind the concepts and prove things. And even though we do not prepare for any exam in particular, these we will make you ready for most of the entrance/final exams.
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